Undergraduate Course Descriptions

ASTR 3005: Introduction to Astronomy

ASTR 4006: Physical Astronomy

FISI 3001: General Physics I

FISI 3002: General Physics II

FISI 3003: General Physics Laboratory I

FISI 3004: General Physics Laboratory II

FISI 3011: University Physics I

FISI 3012: University Physics II

FISI 3013: Laboratory for University Physics I

FISI 3014: Laboratory for University Physics II

FISI 3016: Introduction to Modern Physics

FISI 3017: Energy Production, its Technology and the Environment

FISI 3025: Elementary Modern Physics

FISI 4031: Methods of Mathematical Physics

FISI 4032: Methods of Mathematical Physics II

FISI 4041: Special Topics in Physics

FISI 4046: Elements of Quantum Mechanics

FISI 4047: Introduction to Solid State Physics

FISI 4048: Introduction to Nuclear Physics

FISI 4049: Electronic Circuits and Measurements

FISI 4051: Intermediate Mechanics I

FISI 4052: Intermediate Mechanics II

FISI 4055: X-Ray and Crystal Structure

FISI 4056: Modern Optics

FISI 4057: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

FISI 4058: Undergraduate Research

FISI 4068: Electromagnetism I

FISI 4069: Electromagnetism II

FISI 4076: Intermediate Laboratory I

FISI 4077: Intermediate Laboratory II

METE 4005: Metereological Aspects of Environmental Pollution

METE 4006: Descriptive Metereology