Graduate Program

The Department of Physics offers a program leading to the M.Sc. degree in Physics and, jointly with the Department of Chemistry, a program leading to the Ph.D. degree in Chemical Physics. Opportunities for postdoctoral research are available as well.

Candidates for the M.Sc. degree must complete at least 24 credit hours of course work, pass a written comprehensive exam, complete research for a thesis and defend it orally.

Candidates for the Ph.D. degree are required to complete a minimum of 45 credit hours in graduate courses in Physics and Chemistry, and to pass the written comprehensive exam in Physics and Physical Chemistry, four cumulative examinations in areas of Chemical Physics. Completion of original thesis research (24 credit hours) and an oral defense of the thesis are also required.


Applications should be received no later than February 28 for the fall semester and November 15 for the spring semester. The application materials can be obtained by writing the department to the address given below, or by filling the online application form.

Cost of study

The cost of tuition is $75 USD per credit for residents of Puerto Rico and $3,500 USDper year for non-residents.

Financial aid

Students in good academic standing are elligible for receiving financial aid. Teaching and research assistantships are available, with a stipend of $7,000 USD for students in the M.Sc. program and $8,500 USD for Ph.D., which include a waiver of tuition fees.

Living and housing cost

Costs of housing and living expenses vary considerably but are usually similar to those in the main metropolitan areas of the United States.

Student body

The department has about 45 graduate students, who come from Puerto Rico and the continental United States, as well as from Central and South America, China and several other countries.