About Us


The Department of Physics of UPR-RP aims to become an internationally recognized center for research and education in theoretical and experimental Physics.


The Department of Physics of UPR-Rio Piedras:

  • Educates physicists who can help advance the frontiers of Physics and the development of Puerto Rico

  • Provides educational experiences for the academic development of all undergraduate science students, which enrich their scientific understanding of the physical world and foster a deep understanding of Physics concepts

  • Helps expand the frontiers of science thorough the execution of original theoretical and experimental research

  • Provides an academic environment that supports a culture of highly-competitive Physics and physicists


The Department of Physics of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, strives:

  • To prepare competitive physicists able to achieve high goals in the field of Physics and other interdisciplinary fields.

  • To enhance the capacity of all science students to understand and employ universal Physics principles which underlay their particular disciplines

  • To increase the number and quality of Physicists committed to research and education in Puerto Rico

  • To increase the number and quality of undergraduate majors in Physics studying at the University of Puerto Rico.

  • To enhance the Department’s research and academic reputation in the national and international Physics communities

  • To hire and retain highly competitive research and education faculty members

  • To develop state-of-the-art teaching and research infrastructure in Physics